Alan Black: Notes From a Dive Bar XXVI

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But who can sleep? Not Mac, who helps sweep up at closing. He lives in a hotel with cockroaches and other bugs that go crawly in the night. On to his chest. He sleeps with cotton wool in his ears. Read more: San Francisco, Alan Black, Bars, Homeless, Streets, Reading, Thrillers, Smiles, Crime, Gates, Beds, […]

Adam Sulkowski: 5 Questions to Ask When Leaving a Secure Job for a Fresh Challenge: Thanks UMass, Hello Babson!

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Many thanks to all those at UMass for support and inspiration during the past decade, and looking forward with much excitement to a new chapter with those of you at Babson! Read more: Education, Career Advice, Careers, Babson College, Academia, Jobs, Changing Jobs, Sustainability, Work, Higher Education, Professional Development, Thrive, Change, Strategy, Education News

Center for Community Change Action: Ten Years After Katrina, Low-Income Communities Are Still Vulnerable to Disaster: Here’s Why

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It’s been 10 years since my mother lost the only house she’s ever owned. A factory worker in Jackson, Mississippi, one of the poorest American cities, my mother lost her house to the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina that uprooted families, killed thousands and laid waste to entire neighborhoods throughout the Gulf States. Read more: […]

William S. Becker: Inhofe’s Drought, McConnell’s Fire

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In other words, global warming is injecting steroids into weather disasters. Without countermeasures, it will get much worse. Yet the response among deniers in Congress is to escalate their campaign to sabotage any government effort to reduce the pollution responsible for climate change. Read more: Climate Change, Climate Denial, Congressional Republicans, Inhofe, Mcconnell, Pope Francis, […]

Kate Van Dellen: Should You Wear a Ring to an Interview?

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My wedding ring was the first ring that I’ve worn on that finger (no engagement ring). I was so proud of the man I married, yet still harbored something inside me that felt less valuable to this work team because I was a married woman. Read more: Lean In, Work-Life Balance, Authenticity, Women, Working Women, […]