Are There Enough Jobs? Depends Who You Ask.

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Job growth in August continued apace with recent trends, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. But consistency does… Read more: August Jobs Numbers, Jobs Debate, Employment, Economic Inequality, Wage Growth, Economy, Job Market, Business News

Mitch Causey: 3 Reasons to Track Training Beyond Accountability

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In the world of online training, we often hear the response, “I trust my employees… I don’t need to track them.” This response is completely valid, but there’s a false underlying assumption about why you’d want to track your training program. Read more: Employee Training, Onboarding, Executive Onboarding, Training, Job Training, Elearning, Job Training Programs, […]

James Stoddah: How a Dream Inspired a Career Change

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My mother encouraged me to follow my dreams as a child, which is why she allowed me to leave college and focus on my passion for music. Little did I know that 20 years later, I’d literally be following my dreams. Read more: Inspiration, Destiny, Book Publishing, Books, Dreams, Music Industry, Careers, Third Metric, Well-Being, […]

Sylvia Ann Hewlett: Misty Copeland’s Success Story Is a Model for Black Women in Every Career

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Copeland’s story has played out in the rarefied field of tutus and pointe shoes, but the lessons about sponsorship are crucial for anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen career. Furthermore, as Copeland has shown, they’re especially important for black women who aspire to leadership positions in the corporate world. Read more: Women, Women’s […]

Jill Jacinto: Outrageous Boss Requests: Where Do You Draw the Line?

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File papers: check. Develop marketing plan: check. Get baby from doctor and drop off prescription medication at pharmacy…check? Everyone needs additional help from time to time, including your boss. But how much is too much when it comes to asking a favor from an employee? Read more: Horrible Bosses, Work, Career, Job, Office Behavior, Office […]