Information Technology recruiter

We invite you to discover the Bartunek Difference.  We are award-winning recruiting specialists in the Engineering, Manufacturing and IT industries for direct, contract, contract to hire and project placements.

You’ll quickly discern what sets us apart from other recruiters.  Our individualized, consultative approach puts our clients’ interests first.  We work closely with our clients to gain a complete understanding of the goal.  Our keen attention to detail, unwavering focus on quality and absolute commitment to service insure you will walk away with your expectations surpassed.

But why believe us?  See what our clients have identified as the Bartunek Difference:

• Complete Understanding of the Goal

We work closely with you to understand your company’s culture, how the position fits in the organization and the type of person best suited for the job.   We insure a candidate not only has the relevant experience and skills, but also the personality and character traits that are most compatible with your organization.

• Quality

We place the utmost importance on producing quality candidates.  You will only see candidates who are completely pre-screened and pre-qualified.  Our keen attention to detail insures you only meet applicants who acutely match your needs.

• Timely Turn-Around

Our clients consistently praise our ability to produce quality candidates in unrivaled turn-around times.

• Communication

We are in direct contact with you throughout the recruiting process to insure complete understanding of the position, timeline and process so expectations are properly set from the onset of the project.

• Dependable

Simply put, we do what we say and we say what we do.

• Available 24/7

We recognize that recruiting isn’t an 8 am to 5 pm endeavor.  We are available day or night to insure our clients’ needs are fully met.

• Professional

Our clients commend us on our steadfast commitment to professionalism.  We view ourselves as an extension of your Human Resources department and conduct ourselves accordingly.