Let’s assume your employment interview went well, and there’s sincere and mutual interest on both sides. You now need to decide two things: first, whether the new position is right for you; and if so, what sort of offer you’d be willing to accept. To help in the decision-making process, take the following test as a way to compare the two positions.

Position Comparison Guide
Directions: Compare the new job with what you already have.

Old job

New job

  Element under consideration



  Position title



  Supervisory responsibility



  Project authority



  Decision-making autonomy



  Freedom to implement ideas



  Ability to affect change



  Promotion potential



  Challenge of tasks



  Ability to meet expectations



  Access to professional development



  Professional growth potential



  Company/industry growth



  Company/industry stability



  Starting salary, benefits, perks



  Future compensation



  Commuting distance



  Travel requirements



  Work environment



  Rapport with co-workers



  Rapport with management



  Comfort with corporate culture



  Other considerations (specify)






  Total score: New job vs. old job